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Cosplay Bullying Has Gone Too Far!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2016, 4:35 AM

So I have recently been bullied once again in the cosplay community... Whilst they may have at first been trying to help me with their constructive criticism they took it too far by calling me a oompa loompa which is for those who don't know a Fat Orange thing in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and telling me that I can't do make-up for shit and that I'm so terrible at it. If I was so bad at doing make-up then they had plenty of times to tell me at cons and in person. I would have rather known in person than been told online where everyone else can see and where they themselves couldn't confront me. 

If someone tells you that you are shit at doing something then please don't let them win. Dont let them hurt you. Yes whilst its good to be nice and respond in a appropriate manner it's not good for you to get hurt and to feel worthless.

If they are still bullying you whilst you are responding appropriately then please tell someone. Let someone help you and don't feel as though you should take there bull crap on you're own. Being called names does hurt and it's not right. Being told you are shit at something is also not right and if you are the one who is telling someone that then please think before you speak or type because it does hurt. Words do hurt.


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February 11, 2016